About Us

ALKA POOL is proud to be serving BC for over 55 years...

ALKA POOL has a rich history in the pool industry. For over 55 years ALKA POOL has been at the forefront of innovations and award winning designs but most importantly our customer’s confidence. 

It all started when three brothers (Larry, Amedeo and Graziano) came to this exciting new country, brothersCanada, to pursue a dream for a better life.  They founded ALKA POOL Construction in 1961 building houses and pools in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland area finally settling into being the swimming pool experts. One brother went on to pursue other dreams and in 1971 Larry and Amedeo began their quest to turn ALKA POOL into an industry leader well-known for quality craftsmanship, technical innovation, unparalleled customer service and a responsible corporate member of our community. With Larry as the driving force, ALKA POOL went from our humble beginnings as a local pool builder in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland to the business we have become today building high-end, high quality poolscapes throughout British Columbia.  With Amedeo at his side, the brothers built more and more challenging pool designs.  old-alkapool-logoThe mountains of Vancouver provide a glorious backdrop for the perfect cantilevered pool. Larry’s engineering background allowed ALKA POOL to specialize in building these cliff hanger pools that became our hallmark of quality and innovation.  With the influx of the Asian buyer into the Vancouver real estate market in the late 1980’s, the opportunity for high-end pools with automation options and attached water features presented ALKA POOL with a challenge to take the business to the next level.  As a result ALKA POOL took the lead in the industry and brought new innovations to British Columbia like ozone, turbo clean and structural designs.


The Master Pools Guild is a network of over 100 elite custom residential and commercial pool builders from across the globe.

They truly are the finest pool builders in the world.

In 1978, we were elected into the prestigious Master Pools Guild. As a member builder we are formally committed to the strictest quality standards and the strongest ethical practices. Sharing and learning with the best pool builders in the World, Larry organized and innovated ALKA POOL with new products and higher standards of quality and service. ALKA POOL is proud to be British Columbia’s only Master Pools Guild member with our current President, Carla, a past chairman of the Board of Directors. A winner of the industry’s top international, national awards and honours, ALKA POOL leads the way in BC’s pool construction industry and has earned a reputation for building pools, whirlpools and waterscapes that meet the highest professional standards.

As a member of the Master Pools Guild we are dedicated to the following;

Code of Ethics and Business Practices –  Master Pools Guild members are dedicated to designing and building the World’s finest pools to the highest industry construction standards. The Master Pools Guild success is based on the sharing among members along with the trust and confidence that is earned from our clients. We secure loyalty by keeping commitments, demonstrating integrity and honesty in achieving our goals through ethical conduct and honourable performance.

More about the MPG

This interview features Dick Covert, executive director of the Master Pools Guild, who speaks about what makes this organization unique and why you would want a Master Pools Guild member to design and build your swimming pool.

The Tradition Continues


ALKA POOL’s next generation is already leading the company to an exciting future with Larry’s daughter, Carla and Amedeo’s son, Raff at the helm. Our continued commitment to our clients stands out in our passion about the smallest details.  Quality, innovation, service and honesty are passed down like family heirlooms. We also have a strong commitment to our team of talented and dedicated employees who are the back bone of our great company.  We are constantly looking to improve for our Clients’ benefit and to that end are members of several associations.  As much as we prioritize forward-thinking and innovation, we always remember ALKA POOL’s roots of the European craftsmanship that sets us apart. ALKA POOL’s next generation continues to emphasize professional service, engineering, and the old-world attention to detail that is so essential to quality construction, serving Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia.    However, our most important priority is YOU our client.