What Is A Beach Entry Swimming Pool?

What is a swimming pool with a beach entry? This swimming pool design incorporates a gently sloping transition from the deck into the water.  The slope is very similar to a real beach. Beach entry is a popular option that replaces the top step with a gentle slope. The depth starts out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot.

The above award winning design by Symphony Pools, Simi Valley, California

Beach entry pools can be very accommodating to a wide variety of pool patrons. For toddlers, beach entry provides a special splash area for them and a great way for adults to supervise. Chairs can easily be placed on the slope keeping watchful eyes and helping hands close while allowing adults stay cool on those hot summer days.

Beach-entry swimming pools are also excellent options allowing ease of entry by people with physical limitations. The gentle slope makes it easy to either roll the person into the pool or for that individual to use an other assistive walking device to gain entry.

The above award winning pool design by Klimat Master Pools, Kentucky

Materials and design options are best discussed with a builder who has a proven track record of successful design and construction.

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