How Do I Know How Much Water Is In My Pool?

Pool season has arrived in many places and along with opening your pool, swimming pool care becomes part of those wonderful days of summer!

To maintain proper balance in your swimming pool, it is essential to know how many gallons of water your pool holds i.e. your pool’s volume. Here is a quick explanation of the formula for calculating swimming pool volume:

Four Steps For Calculating Pool Volume

Step 1: Average Depth

Use the minimum depth and the maximum depth of the pool and divide the result by 2. For example, your shallow end may be 3 feet deep and the maximum pool depth may be 7 feet. Your calculation would appear as:

3+7 = 10

10/2 = 5

The average depth of your pool would be 5 feet.

Step 2: Average Width

This can seem a bit more complicated, especially if you have a freeform pool design, but, all you’ll need to do is measure & add up the different widths of your freeform pool. Once you have that figure, simply divide it by the number of widths. We will use an example of a pool with three widths: 8 feet, 12 feet and 20 feet. The calculation would be:

8 + 12 + 20 = 30

Since there are three widths, we divide the 30 by 3:

30/3 = 10

The average width of the pool would be 10 feet.

Step 3: Measuring the Length

Measure the longest part of the pool. For our example, let’s say that it’s 35 feet.

The average length of the pool would be 35 feet.

Step 4: Finding The Volume Of Your Pool

First we start by determining the cubic feet of the pool, which is multiplying the three numbers above together:

5 feet x 10 feet x 35 feet = 1750 feet cubed

Take your cubic feet of 1750 and multiply by 7.48 x 1750 = 13090 Gallons Now you know how much water your swimming pool holds (aka Pool Volume).

Note measurements above should be taken from the water line. If any doubt of measurements please always refer to your swimming pool professional. A one time visit from a swimming pool professional can save you a larger expense later.