How To Open Your Swimming Pool For The Summer

Lombardo Swimming Pool

Many swimming pool owners keep their pools open year round, even if only for the asthetic value…but for a large percentage of pool owners, each year we have to “open” the pool. In an effort to provide consumers with guidance on that subject, Master Pools Guild member, Keith Lombardo, of Lombardo Pools offers the following 6 step process to get you “back in the swim.”

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New Ways To Exercise In Your Swimming Pool

Smiling in Pool

Fitness is always a focus at the beginning of the year so, we felt now was a great time to dive into adding a wellness blog to our website.  Our first post will discuss the benefits of Water Walking.

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What Is A Scupper In Swimming Pool Design?

Gress Inc. Scuppers

Before becoming popular as a design element for custom swimming pools, the term “scupper” was primarily used to describe the slot or opening on a boat deck that allows for water to drain away or off the boat decking.

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What Are Bubble Jets In Swimming Pool Design?

Adcock Pool

Bubble Jets are a form of small fountains that produce a bubbly stream of water. The height is typically 6 to 24 inches tall. These features are commonly found on lounging ledges (also referred to as Baja ledges) and beach entries but can be added to many areas of your swimming pool design.

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Should You Include A Waterfall In Your Swimming Pool Design?

Prestige Pools, Oklahoma

Waterfalls have become popular among water features in swimming pool design. If you are considering adding this element to a new or an existing poolscape, review our check list of considerations:

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What Is A Laminar or a Laminar Jet In Swimming Pool Design?

Advanced Pools

Laminar jets, or laminars, in swimming pool design primarily fall into the category of “water features” but can easily be listed as a specialty lighting effect as well. Laminars create totally clear, uniform arcs of moving water that originate from either your pool deck or surrounding landscape. Laminar water streams can reach up to 7 feet high and project outward up to 8 feet landing into your pool, spa, or other water feature.

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What Is A Deck Jet In Swimming Pool Design?

Lombardo Pools Deck Jet

Deck jets in swimming pool design fall into the category of “water features.” Deck jets create a beautiful arc of water that seems to magically appear from the deck.

The arc of water can be directed to the pool or spa. Deck jets can be installed in your choice of combination/configuration.

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What is a Rain Curtain or Rain Wall in Swimming Pool Design?


What is a rain curtain or a rain wall in a swimming pool design? A rain curtain is a type of water feature added to a swimming pool to create a certain visual effect – in this case, the sound & the illusion of a wall of rain. A rain curtain produces a wall of rain drops versus the solid sheet of water produced in a sheer descent waterfall. Rain curtains are gaining popularity in both outdoor and indoor swimming pool designs.

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What is a Sheer Descent Water Feature In A Swimming Pool?

Sheer Descent Genesis

A sheer descent is a type of water feature added to a swimming pool to create a certain visual effect. Sheer descent is actually a brand name of a waterfall manufactured by the Jandy/Zodiac Corporation. This water feature has become so popular that the term “sheer descent” is now used in reference to any straight, linear waterfall, regardless of the manufacturer.

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What is a Water Feature For A Swimming Pool?

Pool Tech MidWest Waterfall

Swimming pool water features can include: deck jets, laminars, scuppers, water bowls, fountains, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, water walls and other moving water attributes that can be added to a swimming pool design.

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