New Ways To Exercise In Your Swimming Pool

Water Walking

Fitness is always a focus at the beginning of the year so, we felt now was a great time to dive into adding a wellness blog to our website.  Our first post will discuss the benefits of Water Walking.

Water walking, like all aquatic exercise classes, is very gentle on the joints.  While in the swimming pool, the body’s weight is supported by the water reducing pain and minimizing stress on the body.  You may be surprised to learn that the resistance of water is 12 times the resistance of air, so water walking is a great method of building and strengthening muscle.

Water walking can be done in both the deep and the shallow ends of the pool.  A flotation belt will be needed if you choose to water walk in the deeper end.


Stand in the water waist to chest deep.

Posture is important!  Stand upright, shoulders back, chest lifted and arms bent slightly at your sides.

Slowly walk forward at a normal pace taking care to place your entire foot on the bottom of the pool (no tip toes) with your heel coming down first followed by the ball of your foot.

Avoid back strain by keeping your core muscles engaged as you walk.

Lifting your knees higher helps boost your workout intensity as will pumpping your arms briefly then returning to a normal pace.

Check the Arthritis foundation for a class near you.

Please note that our website does not intend to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and all new physical activity should first be discussed with your medical professional.

Wishing you a lifetimes of wellness & Living Poolside!

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Source: MPG Waves of Wellness