What is an Infinity Edge or Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool?

This pool is designed & constructed by AquaBlue Pools of Charleston

Also known as vanishing edge, disappearing edge or negative edge swimming pools. Infinity edge pool designs make the pool appear to extend to the horizon. The pool becomes essentially, part of the view. The illusion of a vanishing edge is achieved by lowering the pool’s back wall to create a water’s edge that is the same level as the water in the pool. The overflow is caught in a catch basin below the main pool and the water is re-circulated.

The infinity edge pool design concept is said to have originated in France. One of the first vanishing edge designs was used in the “Stag Fountain” in the early 1600’s at the Palace of Versailles. Often seen in exotic resorts and exclusive estates, the Infinity edge swimming pool design has become a popular residential trend for many homeowners seeking to create their own outdoor paradise.

Please Note These Photos Are Different Angle Shots of The Same Pool By AquaBlue Pools