What Is The BEST Way To Stay Hydrated?

Watermelon Drink

Summer has many of us exploring new options for making sure everyone is staying hydrated and infused water is a terrific option. But which fruit provides the best benefits?

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Glass Tile For Your Pool

Glass Tiled Infinity Pool

Glass tile is a beautiful product that comes in so many shapes, colours and textures. It can change a pool from a basic backyard oasis to an elegant, stunning work of art. It can run from affordable to the extremely expensive and everything in between. But one thing that remains is the ability to transform any poolscape from drab to fab instantly. Ok, not really instantly but you get what I mean.

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Playing It Up Poolside

Family Underwater

Looking for ways to enliven your outdoor experience? We’ve put together our top 5 outdoor games to play poolside or even better while swimming.

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Summer Reading List

Reading by the Pool

Read all about these 16 summer reads for time spent poolside. Here’s to a summer of relaxation & good reads….poolside!

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6 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Plants surrounding pool

Natural mosquito repellants have long been a topic of conversation among those who live an active, outdoor lifestyle. The conversation has increased with the recent publicity surrounding the Zika Virus (& the West Nile Virus) as most of us would prefer to keep our outdoor areas pest free without using commerical insect repellants. While we realize there are some areas where enclosing the pool to combat insects is a necessity, there are many areas where the pool area can benefit from the use of other options.

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Partying It Up Poolside!

Purple Party Pool

Pool season is finally here and what better way to open the swimming festivities than by throwing the ultimate pool party. You’ll need to make sure you have all your bases covered so here are a few helpful hints:

1. Choose a theme. Plan your décor, food and drink around your theme with bright colors and fresh flowers to keep things vibrant and make a big splash! Stringed lights are not only pretty but keep the party going well into the night.

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Summer Banana Split Classic or With A Twist

Banana Split Poolside

Summer is just around the corner & now is a great time to prepare for days and nights spent Living Poolside. Nothing says summer is hear like the classic, tried and true snack/desert the banana split. Here are a few tips for having this classic summer treat on hand for kids and a grown up version for the adults.

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Why Consider A Plunge Pool?

Infinity Pool

It may be the luxurious feel of soaking in absolute privacy or possibly the convenience of not having to fight for the perfect lounge chair or the pristine blue water calling to you night and day with the relaxing sounds of water in motion. Whichever appeals to your senses most, it is clear that the plunge pool has graduated from a luxury perk at exclusive resorts to the focal point of many top properties.

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What Do I Get Mom For Mother’s Day?

Mother Relaxing Poolside

Mother’s Day celebrations throughout the world may vary in tradition, but all are focused on honoring and celebrating Mom. In North America, Mother’s Day is often celebrated by presenting mothers with gifts and flowers.

This year, we have a gift idea suggestion guaranteed to make the recipient feel pampered and appreciated with gifts she can enjoy poolside.

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How Should I Clean My Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor Furniture

Spring is right around the corner and many of us find ourselves looking at our patio furniture as a project. A refresh or at least a good cleaning may be in order. With that said, we would like to share the following guidelines:

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