What To Expect

It does take a little upheaval to get from your current backyard to your dream oasis but don’t worry our team of professionals has the experience, commitment and expertise to turn your custom pool design into reality, and we’ll guide you through the entire process ....

To Get You From THIS

view of property before pool install


Custom Built Swimming Pool by ALKA POOL
Pool Excavation by ALKA POOL

We carefully lay out the overall shape of your custom pool design before beginning excavation.

Using wooden forms we define the swimming pool’s specific shape and details. During this step the swimming pool’s shape, depth and size are built into the framework.

Pool in Progress by ALKA POOL

Built-in equipment such as plumbing, surface skimmers, underwater lights and automatic cleaning systems are strategically placed for maximum efficiency. We ensure the best hydraulics go into every custom pool design to reduce your energy costs.

A strong mesh of heavy structural steel bars is installed inside the excavated area, enveloping the entire swimming pool structure for monolithic integrity.

The concrete (shotcrete/gunite) is applied, under extremely high pressure, covering the steel structure and forming a well-supported shell. The swimming pool gains its structural integrity and true shape when it is troweled. This step takes true skill, and you can trust Alka’s construction crews for superior workmanship.

Swimming Pool Construction by ALKA POOL

Beautiful and practical cantilevered decking is available in your choice of finishes, including natural stamped concrete, brick pavers, natural stone and slate. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Pool Mechanical Room by ALKA POOL

We install pumps, filters, controls, and other equipment for your pool’s filtration system.

Swimming Pool Construction by ALKA POOL

Finally, we spray on the plaster for higher density coverage. Then we smooth to a steel trowel finish, giving you a longer lasting plaster. This is what gives a pool its soft touch. We have a variety of custom finishes you can choose from, such as all-tile or Alka River Rock or Colorquartz and coloured plasters; see below for examples.

Shown above is a custom colour plaster like this dark blue finish.

Swimming Pool Construction by ALKA POOL

Shown above is a spectacular all tile finish for a luxurious look and feel.  Check out our Glass Tile page, one of the hottest trends in pools and home décor.

white plaster in pool

Shown here is the traditional white Marbelite finish consisting of high quality marble dust and white cement.

Swimming Pool Construction by ALKA POOL

Shown above is our very own custom Alka River Rock plaster which comes in a variety of colors.

Pool Party Central

View our latest video featuring the above freeform swimming pool that is the entertainment hub of the neighbourhood.

Your custom-crafted ALKA pool is now ready for years of enjoyment.

Custom Built Swimming Pool by ALKA POOL