Smoky Haven Freeform Pool

A custom built swimming pool in a funky freeform shape is the focal of point of this swanky outdoor living space. While seated in the outdoor kitchen area, one can enjoy watching as the kids and even the adults slide down the grey granite Turbo Twister Slide.

The dark and stormy swimming area contrasts the pale yellow two storey house. One would think the brightness of the house would catch the eye but rather what draws the eye is the moody hue of the blue-black custom blended colored quartz pool plaster. Suede gray tile spans the steps and bench that are both outlined in a muted black tile while a stark black tile band outlines the unique shape of this freeform pool. Surrounded in smoky grey architectural concrete, the blue of the water beckons one and all.

With a soothing spillover and a set of jets, the raised whirlpool is the perfect spot to relax while the surrounding ledge is wide enough for seating and ideal for outdoor parties. A variable speed pump and UV sanitation system were included for a more energy efficient and environmentally sound approach.

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