Sultry Staycation

This spectacular infinity pool is the king of all terraced pools with its 7’0” drop tiled in a textured slate tile and the addition of a jutting lower water feature that wraps around to conceal the parking garage. It’s a bold statement as one drives up to the house and unifies both spaces by providing relief to the stark cement of the terraced walkway. A set of custom made stainless steel water spouts creates the illusion that both levels are connected as the water spills playfully into the lower trough.  An intense blue-black custom blended color quartz plaster draws the heat of the sun into the infinity pool lowering costs of heating. Once the sun sets and the pool lights are switched on, this rich colored plaster turns a cool shade of smoky aquamarine.

Tucked into the corner rests a cozy whirlpool with spa side controls for the clients’ convenience. It is surrounded by Basalt stone and tiled in black ceramic tile to match the adjacent swimming pool. This whirlpool is the perfect spot to admire the stunning view over flickering flames of the fire pit enhanced by an endless horizon of the infinity edge.

Award Winner:
2016 Gold Award – Technical Achievement Category for the Master Pools Guild
2016 Gold Award – Spa Non-Attached Category for the Master Pools Guild
2017 Gold Award – Outdoor Concrete Pool with Water Feature Category for the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada

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