Tiered Pool Patio with Majestic Water Feature

No matter the activity, this outdoor living space has a spot for everyone. Just outside a set of nano doors is a coffee lounge that overlooks the pool area and the tall majestic trees of the property. Adjacent sits a cozy dining area complete with a barbecue. For longer nights outdoors, a deliciously warm fire pit was placed mid table of the coffee lounge and overhead heating lamps were included in both spaces.

The pool and whirlpool sit in the center of this terraced area; the hub of activity. The compact size of the pool is an ideal fit for the tiered deck. It’s a good length to do a few laps and yet just wide enough to accommodate swim play. After a vigorous swim one can move over to the lounge chairs that overlook the verdant lawn.

At the base of the swimming pool sits a delightful reading nook where one is surrounded by the sweet smell of lavender. The infinity edge when viewed from this space, acts as a water feature with its soothing sounds from the cascading waters.

A rich onyx colored plaster turns the water of the swimming pool a vibrant blue, drawing the eye to this spectacular focal point of the backyard. The whirlpool is tiled in the same onyx hue to match the infinity edge and tie the two spaces together with the house. The high contrast between the vibrant pool and the stark black infinity edge was chosen for its dramatic effect that further allows the pool to be the center of attention.

For the customers ease the automation for the features of the pool/whirlpool is in conjunction with the rest of the house. To save both costs and space, the pool and whirlpool share equipment.

In the front entrance of this property lies a majestic water feature. The mechanical system behind this impressive work of art was designed and installed by Team Alka Pool.  It features environmentally friendly products including LED lights, variable speed pump and a cartridge filter.

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