Why We Believe Swimming Is The Best Fitness Program For All Ages

It is the time of year where many of us are focusing on improved fitness & wellness programs for ourselves & for our families.  While some may say our vision is a bit narrowly focused, here at Living Poolside, we do truly believe that swimming is the best fitness activity for all ages.

Here’s why:

1) Swimming not only burns calories, but boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body, all without putting stress on your joints. This is the ONLY exercise that can make this claim. This is a huge plus for Arthritis sufferers.

2) Swimmers of all ages are found to have more lean muscle and trimmer waists and hips.

3) Water’s neutralizing effect on gravity makes your body virtually weightless and allows you to swim almost daily without risking injury.

4) Studies have shown, habitual swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their actual age.

Wouldn’t you agree that these are 4 great reasons to make swimming a major part of your fitness routine?  But there is more…

Yet another benefit of swimming for fitness is stress relief.  Swimming relaxes your body and soothes your mind.  The process of swimming increases the oxygen flowing into your muscles.  You focus on regulating your breathing and almost without realizing it, you experience the healing properties of being in the water.  A workout in the swimming pool will leave you feeling physically and mentally refreshed.


As the popularity of swimming for fitness has increased, many fitness professionals and sports enthusiasts have designed specialized aquatic equipment i.e. aquatic weights, stationary bikes and treadmills and programs such as yoga in the pool, water Zumba classes and even  POOL-ates  that blend other fitness activities and swimming.   Swimmers are often amazed at the enjoyment and fitness benefits gained by moving their fitness program into the swimming pool.  As a true lifetime sport swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  So, join us here at Living Poolside & make swimming an integral part of a fitness program for you and your family!

Please note it is important to always check with your health care professional prior to beginning a new exercise program.

This contribution to Living Poolside comes from Kris Adcock, AdcockPool, Spa & Billiards, MS.

Kris Adcock & Her Family.

Source: MPG Waves of Wellness