Why Consider A Plunge Pool?


It may be the luxurious feel of soaking in absolute privacy or possibly the convenience of not having to fight for the perfect lounge chair or the pristine blue water calling to you night and day with the relaxing sounds of water in motion.  Whichever appeals to your senses most, it is clear that the plunge pool has graduated from a luxury perk at exclusive resorts to the focal point of many top properties.


In new home construction as well as home remodels,  the plunge pool is a sought-after feature known to enhance the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.  It is often a critical component of large-scale renovations integrating with entertainment spaces and visible from as much of the interior of the house as possible.


Contributing to the rise in plunge pool popularity is the challenge of space for many homeowners. Today’s backyards often lack the space needed to accommodate larger pool designs.  But bigger pools don’t necessarily mean they are more beautiful.  We are finding that homeowners often like to leave space in their backyard to add other outdoor living options – outdoor kitchens and larger outdoor living spaces for entertaining.  Smaller pools, like the plunge pool, can make room in one’s budget to opt for upgrading pool and hardscape materials…i.e. addition of water features, upgrading lighting etc.  Add a “swim against the current” system in your pool and therapy jets – your plunge pool becomes a fitness and therapy pool – functional and beautiful and uniquely designed to add a new level of luxury and convenience to your every day.


There is no denying the ambient beauty and the tranquility of a body of water, and innovative and stylish home design that taps into that resource serves to enhance a home’s aesthetics, functionality and adds a unique level of luxury.   Advances in engineering, technology and design have forever changed the plunge pool’s place and purpose and has today’s homeowner opting to take that plunge.



Source: MPG Blog Living Poolside